Aujourd’hui, à la bibliothèque

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Today, I learned that I have not lost 100% of my French. I discovered this at the Readers Advisory desk today when this little old lady asked me a reference question almost entirely in French (maybe every 5th or 6th word was in English) and the only sources which hinted at possibly containing the answers were written in French and I had to dig through them to find the answers.

I discovered that, while I can understand the gist of spoken and written French, I lack the vocabulary to say much more than “en petit peu.” This, however, proved a significantly higher level of competency in French than I thought I possessed.

It was, incidentally, a kind of boring question content-wise, which would have counted as ready-reference had the question and answers come to me in English, but it proved to be really challenging and fun.


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