Librarian conferences, business cards & why Canadian people are just a little bit cooler

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Library School and 2 library internships have been getting the better of me the last month or so so it’s been awhile since I posted.

In an effort to network in fun and exciting places and cast a slightly larger net in the job search I will begin sometime in the next 9 months to a year, I’ve decided to attend the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference in Toronto in February.  I am also, incidentally, now a member of the OLA.

What better way to spend my birthday than running around an awesome city like Toronto, trying to choose between a million awesome workshops (like the one about running book clubs for teen boys??!! I get to start running a book club for teen boys in January and I’m so pumped), shmoozing with librarians who have significantly better access to health care than me and are encouraged to spell words in the fancy ways that my spell-checker always tells me are wrong (“cataloguing” just looks way more refined), going to librarian parties where I could drink alcohol if I was 19 and liked alcohol and exchanging fancy business cards with brainy new librarian friends?

Which brings me to two firsts this will bring about:

1) My first librarian conference. I have been to (and even presented at) queer conferences in the past and I went to the Allied Media Conference this year, which was (apart from being fun) actually very professionally relevant for me, but this will be my first librarian conference ever! I’m exceedingly excited to make some new and exciting professional connections, but I’m almost more excited about all the workshops. So many of them seem to be the things I wish I could learn and talk about in school, but that are way too awesome, specific and weird to offer entire classes in.

2) My first business cards! I have definitely never had any business cards for any job I’ve ever had, but I’ve also never had my own made. I’m thinking I will include:

  • My Goodreads url, after reading an article in the October 2011 edition of VOYA about using “Goodreads business cards” to extend readers advisory beyond the library (“Goodreads Business Cards Connect with Readers” by Christopher Koppenhaver).
  • The url for this blog
  • Other basic contact info like phone and email.
  • Beyond that, though, I am not sure what to put–I keep thinking I should include my job titles and school status, but then the list gets out of control and starts to look like a resume instead of a business card.

I’m also particularly excited about finding a cool design for my business card.  Someone having a business card at all and keeping copies with them to give to me is actually enough to severely impress me, but when business cards have really beautiful or cool designs, they succeed in impressing me on a whole different level.  Needless to say, I have already decided my business cards need to be beautiful.  I have found some cool ones, but there are too many cool ones to choose from (there is this Lewis Caroll one that is beautiful and understated, but I’ve ruled it out because he was a total pedophile).  I’d really love one with an illustration from The Little Prince, but I haven’t been able to find one and I lack the graphic design skills to design one I would be satisfied with.

So much to be excited about!


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