Coolest business cards ever!

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

My business cards came today so I thought I would show them off!


I was advised to have a plain/light background so people could write notes on the back, and then I got carried away and made the image that I was going to make tiny in the corner giant.  I think there’s still plenty of blank space on the back to write notes so I hope this is not a problem.

  1. Aww they look so nice. Most business cards I’ve seen are super boring. Do many librarians do this?

    • Jackson says:

      Thanks! And do you mean to most librarians have business cards to give out at conferences or do most librarians have really sweet business cards?

      I’m going to the CLA conference in Toronto in February and a professor advised me to get business cards. I have always wanted business cards and wanted to make sure I got something memorable that sort of fit my personality and professional interests. It never occurred to me to get business cards at all, let alone ones that were really cool and more than just a boring card with my contact info on them until I went to the Allied Media Conference and it seemed like everyone I met had a really awesome business card. The people who had business cards were totally the ones I followed up with and remembered, so I guess it does work (at least it works on me!).

      I also read an article in VOYA (I can’t find it, otherwise I’d link to it, but it was from October 2011, I believe) that talked about “Goodreads business cards” where the author suggested putting your Goodreads page on your business card as a way to sort of extend readers advisory beyond the library. I am very active on Goodreads, so I loved this idea.

  2. Jennifer says:

    LOVE the business card and the goodreads idea! Definitely doing that. What were the cool business cards you received? I’m brainstorming for mine since my library doesn’t do business cards right now, but I found very few examples of librarian business cards online…

    • Jackson says:

      Thanks! I can’t take credit for the Goodreads business card idea since I read about it in VOYA, but I love it too.

      There should be a photo of my business cards on this post (is that what you were asking?) The dirt on them, though, is that I got them from Zazzle and just designed them myself. They have some pre-made designs (actually a lot of cool ones) but I didn’t find the one that was perfect and I really wanted the little prince on mine. They have about a million options so it was not hard to make it look how I wanted it.

      Since I’m really into readers advisory, I chose a graphic from one of my favorite books and just made it look cool, but I think you could probably do anything

      (sorry for the delayed reply, WordPress used to notify me when I got comments but they did not with yours for some reason!)

      • Jen says:

        You had mentioned receiving cool business cards at the conference so I was just curious what they were, besides your beautiful card 🙂

      • Jackson says:

        Oh! Yeah, there was one that had all this glittery punk rock femme stuff on it that was really awesome, one that was simple and white with this quirky little hand drawn picture of a simple flower on it–those were the two that stuck with me most. They are incidentally (or maybe not so incidentally) also the two where the person left the biggest impression on me, partially because they were both super attractive and smart, but probably partially because they both had great business cards too. And I still kind of associate the image on each of their business cards with them too.

        Anyway, hopefully my business cards will have a similar effect on people, I guess I will find out this weekend!

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