Today, I led the “Guys Read” book club at my library for the first time.  It’s a book club for teen guys and after today, I’m going to be running it every month all by myself!!!

This month, we read Heat by Mike Lupica, which I thought was going to be stupid because I am close-minded about sports books, but of course I was completely proven wrong when it turned out to be a great book.  Actually, I was proven wrong in the middle of the night last night, since my whole plan that I was just going to read the book on desk over the course of the month went totally awry when it turned out that it’s actually really hard to read a book on desk and I had other projects to do on desk as well.

So this was one of the first times I’ve really hung out with the teens at the library where this book club is happening.  I’ve done teen programs before, but never ones where I felt like I really got to know the teens.  At the other library where I work, I have become pretty close with the teens, so it’s exciting to get to start working more closely with them at this library too.

So today, the librarian who has been running it since the last intern who ran this book club (who is also a friend of mine) graduated and got a real job and I ran the book club together, and it was nice to see how he interacts with the teens and how he leads the discussion.  I will also be attending a workshop at the OLA Superconference this weekend (so soon!!!) on book clubs for teen guys, so I’m excited to get to use some of the cool stuff I’m going to learn.

Also, only one more day of work before I leave for Toronto!


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