“‘Don’t Panic.’ It’s the first helpful or intelligible thing anybody’s said to me all day.”

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I’m on the train to Toronto for the Ontario Library Association Superconference and I just got an email from my school, saying my account is “on hold” until I file my plan of work, which I must have forgotten to do when I filled it out.

So I opened my plan of work and had a mini panic attack when I realized that after a year, I have completed 6 classes and I thought I had a year left when I counted that I had fifteen more classes to take!  I spent a few minutes of realizing that one of my internships would end before I graduate and trying to frantically calculate how I could graduate in a reasonable amount of time and, well, panicking because I want to finish school and get a real job at some point.

Then, I noticed that, of course, all the classes I have to take are listed in categories from which I am supposed to choose a certain number of classes each.  Turns out I have 8 classes left.  Phew.

Now, I can go back to figuring out where to submit this Plan of Work and planning out all the cool workshops I’m going to go to at the conference!  Expect updates over the weekend as I meet awesome librarians and learn awesome library things!

  1. Lesley says:

    Whew! Have fun at the conference!

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