I was just featured in a librarian blog today!

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The librarian who runs thecardiganlibrarian on Tumblr has a feature every Friday called “Five Question Fridays” where she interviews a different librarian every Friday and posts it to her blog.  She contacted me maybe a month ago about being interviewed and the interview just went up today!
You can read the interview here.  I’m kind of excited about it and honored that she selected me.

While looking through the other interviews, I found an old friend who I actually tried to get ahold of a couple months ago but found that my contact information for her was no longer valid.  She and I were penpals starting my first year of undergrad.  I had no idea she was even a librarian.  She was very special to me during some formative years and it meant a lot to not only find her, but find that our lives had taken similar paths, even as we lost touch.  With all due modesty, thecardiganlibrarian finds some interesting and awesome librarians to interview and asks some good questions and I’m honored to have been chosen!


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